Too Big To Be An Asset

normal glucose levels

It’s still too big to be an asset and not a debt to health. Hard work would  reduce it in size, but lack of motivation is slowing down any movement in that direction. Normal glucose levels are in reach, but not without changing eating habits and regular exercise. Both have been very hard to get on track and keep on track. One meal, balanced between fiber, protein and good fat, with just a smattering of simple carbohydrates will not reverse too many meals of fast food and careless eating. Exercise has been just as hard to implement with exercise one day and then a week going by before getting at it again will not make any gains. It’s like starting over again with each exercise day and nothing ever gets any easier.

Knowing what to do to regain a normal blood glucose level and being able to do it are two separate things. Proper eating of good food and not junk, along with any type of exercise every day, even just more walking would make gains to restoring glucose levels to normal ranges. Life gets in the way sometimes and balancing life, job , family, and the need to exercise and change sedentary habits gets shuffled to the last thing on the list of things to do every day.

Progress is slow and just staying even and not falling back farther is all the progress that’s been maintained. It’s time to get serious and avoid the long term ill health problems that come with chronic high blood sugar levels and get back to optimal health.

What is a normal glucose level? A blood glucose levels chart would show that 80mg/dL-100mg/dL is the goal and hanging at levels in the low 100s is not the place to stay. Studies have shown that people in this range are in a pre-metabolic syndrome condition and unless changes are made to lower that fasting blood sugar level a diagnosis of diabetes is just a few years off.

Spring and summer are a time of new life and green growth in the world. It’s also a time for re-dedication to exercise and clean eating. Glucose levels don’t get corrected on their own and finding out how far off your answer is to the question “What is a normal glucose level?”, is a way to get motivated to changing them.