Normal Blood Sugar Needs Regular Exercise

Year round regular exercise can be difficult to keep up during winter months and even in the warmer months if rain and storms occur during your free time to exercise. Unfortunately if you are serious about getting to a normal blood sugar level through exercise and diet modification regular non-missed exercise is a must.
If the weather is too inclement to allow you to go outdoors several indoor options present themselves. The first would be investing in a good electric treadmill. Electric treadmills come in a range of prices and features from very basic to the deluxe that will keep track of heart rate and calories burned and intervals and all kinds of timing features, most of which are unnecessary if the electric treadmill is your backup plan. Features are nice, but if you can most often exercise outdoors or at a club, the lower priced models will probably suffice.
Another backup plan can be exercise DVDs. Free ones can be checked out from your local library and no cost is involved with this plan. However if you watch television and find you can’t live without the latest exercise craze seen on late night infomercials then shelling out for those DVDs could run into a little money. Other than a place on your shelf, no room is necessary to store the DVDs and most people have enough area in their TV room to use it as the exercise area also.
A third idea to keep with the regular exercise plan and on the road to a normal blood sugar level would be to use a stationary bike on those days that you cannot get outdoors. Exercise bikes can usually fit in a corner when not in use and while it can be boring to ride a bike and never move; sitting in front of your favorite movie or television program can alleviate the boredom and make the time zip along. Many bikes come with an accessory to lay a book on and reading while you pedal is a great way to kill two birds with one stone.
Don’t let bad weather defeat you, whether it is snow and ice or dangerous thunderstorms and heavy rain. With just a little planning staying on that road to a normal blood sugar is possible and you might even discover a new, fun way to exercise. Remember you didn't lose normal glucose levels overnight and you won't get them back overnight either. Just stay committed to the eventual goal and chip away at it a little bit everyday.