Reaching For The Ideal

An ideal blood sugar level according to a blood sugar levels chart would be in the range of 80 mg/dL to 100 mg/dL in a fasting state. In some countries the blood sugar level is measured in mmol and the ideal blood sugar level in mmol/L is 4.4 to 6.1 mmol/L. These values will vary depending on the size and weight of each individual, but the above numbers are good numbers to go by.

After eating and again depending on what is eaten and how large each person is the ideal blood sugar level will rise somewhere around the 180 mg/dL to 200 mg/dL level. This blood sugar level is again a general rule of thumb to follow,  but the principle of blood sugar levels rising after eating and then falling back to the starting level after a few hours is the most important part to remember. If your blood sugar doesn't act like this, then it is probably time to see a doctor and do some further testing to find out what is going on.

The normal blood sugar levels chart below shows where an ideal blood sugar level would be throughout the day and before as well as after eating.

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This normal blood sugar levels chart shows how blood glucose levels rise and fall through out the day and what a normal range for blood sugar levels should be. It also show how those levels react depending on the type of food that was eaten during the day.  As a person would expect a sugary meal or sucrose rich foods produce a higher blood sugar spike and then are followed by a lower post-prandial resting point. this is why a sugar rush is followed by that blood sugar crash, making you crave something sweet again.

The best plan for maintaining good blood sugar levels is to eat a balanced diet that leans more heavily to fiber filled fruits and vegetables and lean protein and away from processed foods that often have added hidden sugar in the form of high fructose corn syrup. Read the labels on the products and if high-fructose corn syrup is among the first few ingredients you may want to look for a substitute for that product.