A comprehensive blood test to let you know if there are any warning signs about hour health are a good thing to do at least once a year. Any problems or trends can be identified and then a plan laid out to take care of them. As you can see from the picture below the blood sugar reading is just outside of the high normal range. Well what to do about it. In my case an expanding waist line and a sedentary winter spent far too much inside contributes to the reading on that test. Glucose levels have crept up and it's hard to break those winter habits, but now that spring is trying to break through and the days are longer, the opportunities for getting outside and off the couch are greater and much more pleasant than in previous months. these high numbers need to be dealt with. One thing studies have shown, like the Inter 99 study is that if left alone these numbers will climb in a matter of just a few short years diabetes will develop. A conscious attempt to add more exercise and a cleaner diet should ameliorate these numbers and get things back to a normal blood sugar level. Some people are advocating surgery to regain normal blood sugar levels, but unless a change is made in the lifestyle you are leading surgery won't have lasting effects.

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