Morning yoga may have a positive effect in the maintenance of normal blood sugar levels throughout the day. Yoga which is a traditional Hindu physical and mental discipline has been used for therapeutic purposes to aide modern medicine. It may also improve heart rate and may help in relieving stress. Regular morning yoga reduces high glucose levels in blood, regulates blood pressure, aids in weight loss, and decreases the rate of progression to complications. Yoga exercises make the muscles to take in glucose to decrease blood sugar levels and also aide in the proper functioning of the liver and the pancreas thereby regulating proper blood sugar levels. Yoga helps the pancreatic cells to be rejuvenated resulting to the secretion of sufficient insulin.

There are other possible benefits of regular morning yoga. Depending on the duration and consistency, yoga may decrease fasting blood sugar, decrease post-prandial or after meal blood sugar and may decrease glycosylated hemoglobin. Yoga also reduces complications arising from infections as well as it decreases the incidence of ketosis especially those who are suffering from diabetes. Diabetic patients may need to do more than just changing diet to regulate normal glucose levels in blood.

Yoga may facilitate a change in the lifestyle of diabetic patients. This natural and healthy lifestyle may give them more benefits as increased attention to the entire body is practiced not just on some specific parts. Diabetes affects the entire body as well as brings stress and anxiety to patients. Yoga works on all of these related problems for patients to be able to maintain normal blood sugar levels. A yoga lifestyle does not only involve doing the low-impact exercises but it also involves healthy eating. Diet may consist of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Proper food helps the body to maintain sugar balance. Regular blood sugar levels facilitate the function of various body systems and yoga can help patients to control and manage their diabetes.